First Appointment

Thank you for thinking of Puddle Jumpers!
This process usually takes 20 minutes & we ask that you bring in 20-30 of your BEST clothing items. No stains, rips, tears & items MUST be freshly washed and 4-years-old or newer. We also ask that you lay your items FLAT in a tote and please make sure everything is buttoned & zipped. 
Due to time restraints we don't allow toys at the first appointment, sorry!
While we go through your items you are able to shop around the store.
During this appointment we also go over how future drop offs work, have you sign the consignors contract & let you know why we didn't accept certain items.
Once an item sales you receive 40% of the sale price.
New accounts require a one time $5.00 setup fee
Puddle Jumpers prices the items & Puddle Jumpers reserves the right to mark down & run sales any time they wish.
Do we buy items outright? NO! Once an item sales you get a portion of the sales price
How are items priced? Typically a third to half off retail
What is the percentage that I receive? The consignor gets 40% of the sales price
What do I use to bring in my 20-30 items? A tote, box or shopping bag is fine.